What is the use of the blockchain?

What is the use of the blockchain?

  1. With blockchain technology we can guarantee transparency and temper proof art registry.
  • Proof of ownership - This information is decentralized and cannot be contested.

  • Creation of digital editions - Each number within the edition is tracked separately on the ledger. The artist / collector cannot later expand the edition as this information is a matter of public record on the blockchain. 

  • Provenance - the original purchase and all future trades of the work are documented and unalterable, creating a trusted provenance.

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    • Can I use the Art Piece in a public exhibition?

      You bought the art piece for private use. As with physical art works you have to contact the artist or his agent in order to have his approval to exhibit the work in a museum or gallery.
    • What do I buy?

      You buy a limited edition digital art work. Limited edition means that there are only the number of indicated Art Pieces. On behalf of the Artists we create the numbered digital editions of their Art Piece, certified on blockchain. Artists can still ...
    • How can I claim the tokens of the Art Pieces I own?

      If you provide your Ethereum Wallet address, the blockchain certification will be tied to that address. As an owner you can choose to stay anonymous to other users, just your Ethereum address will be displayed on blockchain. You don’t need to have a ...
    • What kind of rights do own when I buy art piece on Elementum?

      Similar to buying physical art pieces like traditional paintings, you will have usage rights and resell rights. Meaning you can enjoy it for private use (as stated above). Note that the Artist who created the Art Piece continues to own the copyright ...
    • How can you guarantee the authenticity of the works?

      Our curation team only works directly with scouted artists and galleries, we verify the identity of the artists and their track record ​ This ensures that the art pieces come directly from the artists we have a license agreement, that the artist ...