What do I buy?

What do I buy?

You buy a limited edition digital art work.

  • Limited edition means that there are only the number of indicated Art Pieces. On behalf of the Artists we create the numbered digital editions of their Art Piece, certified on blockchain. Artists can still sell physical editions of their Art Piece (e.g. printouts), but limited digital editions will be only offered on Elementum.

When you buy Art on Elementum, you become the owner of the original or limited editions generated on behalf of the Artist.

  • You will get access to encrypted high resolution file stored in cloud and you became a legal owner of that file certified by blockchain certificate. This is similar to what you could do with limited edition photography (just arguably more convenient and safe).

  • You can enjoy the art on your devices (e.g. TV, computer, digital frames), you can watch it, stream it, and enjoy it for your private use.

  • You can build up your collection,

  • And you can resell the art to other collectors.