How do you choose the artists?

How do you choose the artists?

Our curator selects the artists based on the originality of their work and their professional experience and education. Elementum aims to present a wide range of digital art to give a sense of the diverse spectrum of what digital art can be. The artworks on our platform range from animation and glitch art to digital painting and found footage techniques that take their origins in images from the internet and are inspired by the aesthetics of social media profiles. Many works use digital images created with the help of VR and AR as well as Artificial Intelligence Software.
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    • How can I resell the Art Piece I own?

      After you transfer the token to your wallet, you can resell it through various secondary marketplaces.  We plan to launch our own secondary marketplace with royalties for artists in Q2 2021.
    • How can you guarantee the authenticity of the works?

      Our curation team only works directly with scouted artists and galleries, we verify the identity of the artists and their track record ​ This ensures that the art pieces come directly from the artists we have a license agreement, that the artist ...
    • How can I claim the tokens of the Art Pieces I own?

      If you provide your Ethereum Wallet address, the blockchain certification will be tied to that address. As an owner you can choose to stay anonymous to other users, just your Ethereum address will be displayed on blockchain. You don’t need to have a ...
    • What is digital art?

      Digital Art means any art that is originally created and stored in digital format, digital paintings, generative art. Elementum sells Art Pieces by leading digital artists in digital format. Art Pieces are created for screens and connected devices. ...
    • What do I buy?

      You buy a limited edition digital art work. Limited edition means that there are only the number of indicated Art Pieces. On behalf of the Artists we create the numbered digital editions of their Art Piece, certified on blockchain. Artists can still ...