How can you guarantee the authenticity of the works?

How can you guarantee the authenticity of the works?

Our curation team only works directly with scouted artists and galleries, we verify the identity of the artists and their track record

  • This ensures that the art pieces come directly from the artists we have a license agreement, that the artist doesn’t produce additional editions than the editions created on the blockchain.

  • Blockchain tracks ownership history (provenance) and certifies which file and which Collector is legally the owner of the original file coming from the Artist.

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    • What does the token represent?

      The ethereum token represents the unique, transferable cryptographic digital record of ownership and certificate of authenticity.
    • Can I use the Art Piece in a public exhibition?

      You bought the art piece for private use. As with physical art works you have to contact the artist or his agent in order to have his approval to exhibit the work in a museum or gallery.
    • How do you choose the artists?

      Our curator selects the artists based on the originality of their work and their professional experience and education. Elementum aims to present a wide range of digital art to give a sense of the diverse spectrum of what digital art can be. The ...
    • What is the use of the blockchain?

      With blockchain technology we can guarantee transparency and temper proof art registry. Proof of ownership - This information is decentralized and cannot be contested. Creation of digital editions - Each number within the edition is tracked ...