How can I claim the tokens of the Art Pieces I own?

How can I claim the tokens of the Art Pieces I own?

  • If you provide your Ethereum Wallet address, the blockchain certification will be tied to that address. As an owner you can choose to stay anonymous to other users, just your Ethereum address will be displayed on blockchain.

  • You don’t need to have a Ethereum wallet. As long as you do not provide your wallet address we will store the certificate on behalf of you in our wallet.

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    • Where can I resell the Art Pieces I own?

      End of year we will provide our own secondary market in order to sell the art pieces you acquired on Elementum. Meanwhile you can access secondary markets like or sell it under the counter
    • How can I transfer Art Pieces I own as a gift?

      See "how can I sell art pieces". We are working on the art pieces as a gift feature.
    • What is digital art?

      Digital Art means any art that is originally created and stored in digital format, digital paintings, generative art. Elementum sells Art Pieces by leading digital artists in digital format. Art Pieces are created for screens and connected devices. ...
    • How can I download the Art Piece?

      We will provide you the possibility to access your art pieces and certificates via Web. On the web platform you can download the art piece. The feature to download your art pieces will be available in July 2019
    • How can I display the Art Piece outside of Swisscom TV/Android TV.

      At the moment you can only access your art pieces via Swisscom TV. We will provide different ways to access your art collection via web and connected devices